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Scent: Carthusia from Capri

In the summer months I am all about those light and fresh citrus scents. Now I can’t say it’s the best ever, but for me Carthusia’s Mediterraneo was my first lemon eau de toilette. I came upon it in their white stone flagship shop on the island of Capri which is a haven for lovers of all things elegant Fifties. Black and white photos with the likes of Tony Curtis and Brigitte Bardot adorn the walls – all past and some present clients.

The glass bottles are collector’s pieces and the body cream is a milky yellow that goes on smooth. Iy can be ordered online but I went hunting for it a Liberty, the only place I could find in London that stocks it. The shop girl didn’t know much about the brand. The bottles looked so forlorn on a tucked away shelf, a far cry from their land of origin. Amazing the journey these liquids take and where they end up. My bottle will find it’s way to Italy again, coming full circle just like me. Yes that’s right perfume can me poetic…




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