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Recipe: spaghetti with cime di rapa and sausage

Cime di Rapa, known in Canada as Rapini makes a great addition to many dishes, pizza and pasta being among my favourites. One of the best things to cook this vegetable with is sausage. Here’s an easypeasy recipe that will take you no time at all to whip up. INGREDIENTS: Cime di Rapa Pasta such … Continue reading

Masseria Melcarne: a great dining destination during our Puglia Vacation

Masserias are the hot thing in Puglia nowadays. Some are B&B’s, some are restaurants and some are both. I knew that I couldn’t leave Salento without having an authentic Masseria experience, but I was terrified that we would get scammed into some place that had a pretty face, but no substance behind it (i.e. a … Continue reading

My Sicilian Summer

A long overdue vacation after seven intense months of work and business travel. We’re onto Day 3 of our week in Sicily and I couldn’t ask for mote, fantastic, unusually breezy weather at the beach, succulent seafood dinners and UNESCO sights. So far we’ve sunbathed at Marina di Modica and Sampieri, had the meal of … Continue reading