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Harrods Food Hall

Cherries that cost ¬£95 a kilo, an entire room dedicated to gourmet chocolate, coffee and tea, shortbread tins and the most luxe deli you’ll ever see. At least you can walk away from Harrods with a roll of bread ūüėČ . Advertisements

Jewelry Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Sachertorte – insanely overpriced at Vienna airport

‚ā¨30+ highway robbery!

The Italian Embassy London

I had the good fortune to be invited to a luncheon hosted at the Italian Embassy in London. To be more precise it was the 3-floor Ambassador’s residence replete with 15th-17th century art, photographs with important dignitaries, gilded antique mirrors and ultra expensive furniture. My favourite parts were the silver candy trays that held Ferrero … Continue reading