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Food issues

Diet can be the first thing to suffer when you uproot your life and more so when you go and live in one of the more culinary-challenged boroughs of the UK – the land of potatoes and 3,000 calorie steak pies.

I’ve been making a really concentrated effort to eat healthy, last year I had stellar results following the same style beauty detox I’m doing this year. What I’m guilty of is overindulging in the good fats like nuts and coconut pieces. I also haven’t found the most effective way to work exercise into my life here. Back in Turin it was so easy to just throw something on and go for a run in the park. Here the seaside is windy and the hour’s commute from work doesn’t help. What I’ve come to conclude is that the causes are two: a) the fact that I am on my own and food is one of my sole sources of entertainment and b) I’m really pro at self sabotaging. Yes that’s it, against all better judgement I still tempt the calorie gods with desserts my metabolism can’t keep up with.

So while I try to find my happy median, may you find inspiration in my Quinoa salad with salmon and citrus!





3 thoughts on “Food issues

  1. Where can I find the recipe? The photo is really nice ☺

    Posted by alifemoment | April 14, 2014, 10:29 pm
    • Hey Alifemoment! I just made the recipe up on the spur of the moment, here you go:

      Lay a bed of mixed greens on a large plate
      Top with diced up raw salmon filets, cherry tomatoes (still on the vine) and cucumbers
      The sprinkle boiled Quinoa (boiled in with 1/3 cup water, white vinegar and red curry Thai sauce)
      Dress with mint, salt and olive oil
      Sprinkle lemons and/or limes and leave in the salad for a citrus accent.

      Posted by alessismore | April 15, 2014, 10:41 pm

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