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Pedicure on a “plane”


I went nuts searching for anywhere that would do a manicure and pedicure in London a few weeks ago. Not knowing the city and wandering aimlessly around led to me finding one in Spitafields too late in the day, past opening hours.

But this place, MW Nails looked super cute, every service had a cheeky name like Tokyo Toes, Rapid Rio and Shanghai Shape due to the “in-flight” theme of the pint-sized shop. So I booked in with my friend for pedis.

The verdict: cute space, strange vibe from the staff, good OPI colors., mid-high pricetag- average for London. The staff were turning away customers over the phone saying they were full. When we first arrived they were full, but while we waited (almost an hour for our nails to dry, they don’t have toe dryers or water or coffee to offer clients) like 4 out of the 6 girls working there were holed up in a backroom in the basement having their lunch altogether. Anyways still a cute idea for the place, needs friendlier client service, we had to coax these girls to utter syllables.





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