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This is Enoteca Vinarium, Turin

Discovered a neat alcove in Turin on Via Madama Cristina, in the San Salvario district. Three walls full of wines, great and highly original choices by the glass and a cute garden in the back for apertivi (happy hour). Definitely going back.

Pecorino Paradise

Last day in Tuscany. This morning, the lady who runs the B&B we’re staying at took us to an authentic cheesemaking haven tucked a top a little hill surrounded by trees with a discreet wooden sign that reads ‘Sale of Cheese’. Pulling up to the small bungalow-style villa we could smell meat cooking in the … Continue reading

Salumi in Tuscany

Easter weekend and I’m in Chianti (woo). Had a ‘snack’ at this place in called Osteria Chiribio in a little hilltop Medieval Borgo called Certaldo. They brought out a tagliere (wooden cutting board’ layered with salami, prosciutto, fennel-infused salami, mortadella, boar cold cuts, lardo and cheeses with onion marmalade and truffled honey.

Beauty Detox: Glowing Green Smoothie

For the past year, I have structured the main components of my diet around Kimblerly Snyder’s ‘The Beauty Detox’ a great book that helped me get into the best swimsuit shape of my life last year. While I don’t follow all of the Cardinal rules of the diet anymore there is one mainstay – the … Continue reading

I’m in Amsterdam

It’s my first time in Amsterdam. I am not sightseeing, I am not eating extraplanetary cakes and I am not gawking at women in windows. I have been in the hotel all day for work. But hey, I ain’t complaining ūüėä. It’s been a great experience and I can always come back another time on … Continue reading

Food issues

Diet can be the first thing to suffer when you uproot your life and more so when you go and live in one of the more culinary-challenged boroughs of the UK – the land of potatoes and 3,000 calorie steak pies. I’ve been making a really concentrated effort to eat healthy, last year I had … Continue reading

Pedicure on a “plane”

I went nuts searching for anywhere that would do a manicure and pedicure in London a few weeks ago. Not knowing the city and wandering aimlessly around led to me finding one in Spitafields too late in the day, past opening hours. But this place, MW Nails looked super cute, every service had a cheeky … Continue reading

Stevia brownies

I just made stevia brownies. Stevia brownies suck.

How to make stuffed eggplants

I tried to make my nonna’s crowd pleasing recipe with ingredients from Sainsburys of all places. I made two fatal errors though because I listened to GialloZafferano’s directions instead of nonna’s (shame on me): i didn’t boil the eggplant for a few minutes beforehand to make it softer and more succulent and I used ground … Continue reading