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Top 10 moments: Mad Men 6×06 For Immediate Release

I’m callin’ it… BEST Mad Men episode of the season. This is for a variety of reasons of which I will now list with a smidge of visual accompaniment, as I often like to do…

10. Megan & Mom shopping therapy
9. Don and Ted sharing their creative over a midnight scotchMM_606_MY_0114_0985a

8. Joan’s heartwrenching “I slept with that sloth for nothing” speech

7. Don’s lover’s husband has the hots for his wife’s motherarnie6. Here’s the guy who’s gonna handle your business from now on..MM_606_MY_0116_07895. Pete running into his father-in-law
“Hello” “Goodnight”

4. Trudy’s nightgown

3. SCDP and CDC joining forces at Chevy “unless this works I don’t like this idea”
MM_606_MY_0116_12652. Pete FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS!!!

1. Ted and Peggy FINALLY kiss and it’s perfect… and she’s working with Don again too, 2-4-ONEMM_606_MY_0114_0570_jpg_CROP_multipart-medium



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