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Bevagna, Umbria

Bevagna is a quaint little Medieval hilltown in Umbria that rivals that of its neighbour Montefalco when it comes to charm and churches. Bevagna benefits from a more valley-like atmosphere with respect to other Medieval hamlets thanks to the fact that it runs alongside the Teverone river.

Umbria2013 028
The main square, Piazza Silvestri, features not one but two large Romanesque churches: San Michele Arcangelo and San Silvestro. I was lucky enough to see preparations for a wedding mass in San Silvestro where the pews and altar where adorned in tulle and flowers. The entire town exudes old-world, it’s like ambling through a storybook of wooden benches, artisan craftshops and moss covered brick houses.

Umbria2013 029 Umbria2013 034 Umbria2013 041 An interesting story about the 3-storey home below. It is currently for sale for €100,000 – a steal. Unfortunately, the instant that the potential buyer takes ownership of it, they are looking at a bill of €400,000+ in order to comply with the renovation regulations to this historical property. All modifications to the home must involve a specialized renovator and materials that are consistent with the original structure and time period when the property was first constructed. SO if you’re in the market…

Umbria2013 040



3 thoughts on “Bevagna, Umbria

  1. Looks pretty cool!

    Posted by Penny | May 21, 2013, 12:23 am

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