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Montefalco, Umbria

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Montefalco, Umbria – they call it the region’s “terraza” balcony. Its on dozens of top 10 lists as one of Italy’s most romantic spots. While I did find the Medieval hamlet to be charming, it didn’t quite evoke those butterflies I tend to get over a truly special place. That said, Montefalco and its neighbouring towns such asBevagna (post to follow) are definitely picturesque, maybe it was the cloudy weather. I’ll have to make another trip back when there’s some sunshine…Anyways, here’s some of the nice things I did encounter…

Umbria2013 007

The main square which hosts some quaint restos and the Town Hall

Umbria2013 022

The Church of Saint Clare of Montefalco where the incorrupt body of the Saint is displayed towards the right corner at the high altar. If you knock on the door, a sweet and very chatty nun (pictured above) will open two small windows by the body of Saint Clare that contain her heart and relics, which are literally pieces of  a crucifix and a scourge that were found within her heart after her death. The story goes that Saint Clare had repeatedly said throughout her life that Jesus was in her heart “which was as large as infant’s head” emphasized the Sister. After her death, her heart was removed and  signs of the Passion of the Christ formed by bones, cartilege and veins were found within it.

Umbria2013 015

The Church of St. Francis is one of the more authenic Medieval churches with its faded frescoes and simple wood beam ceilings

Umbria2013 018

My Italian foodie travel rule is simple: one resto a day and a nice local macelleria for lunch where a few slices of salumi and cheese do the trick just fine. This one was across from the Church of St. Francis, but just look for the most non-touristy spot and you’ve got an authentic snack. After this salty snack we headed to Pardi winery (close to the city’s main visitor parking lot) for a bottle of Sagrantino, a dry, rich red wine typical of the area. Some eateries even serve pasta in a Sagrantino sauce.. just sayin.

Umbria2013 026




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