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Hello Spello

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Spello rhymes with bello (pass the corny), but seriously though, this is one for the favourites list. A truly stunning Medieval hilltop town whose richly layered clot of faded red shingles, brown towers and pointy Cathedral roofs are best appreciated when arriving by car from a distance. Spello is not … Continue reading

The day I met Henry Winkler aka Fonzie

Henry Winkler is dyslexic, he found out about it much later in life. His experiences as a child prompted him to write a series of children’s books with a dyslexic protagonist by the name of Hank Zipzer. I now own the first installment of this book, but in Italian seeing as I was fortunate enough … Continue reading

Top 10 moments: Mad Men 6×06 For Immediate Release

I’m callin’ it… BEST Mad Men episode of the season. This is for a variety of reasons of which I will now list with a smidge of visual accompaniment, as I often like to do… 10. Megan & Mom shopping therapy 9. Don and Ted sharing their creative over a midnight scotch 8. Joan’s heartwrenching “I … Continue reading

Bevagna, Umbria

Bevagna is a quaint little Medieval hilltown in Umbria that rivals that of its neighbour Montefalco when it comes to charm and churches. Bevagna benefits from a more valley-like atmosphere with respect to other Medieval hamlets thanks to the fact that it runs alongside the Teverone river. The main square, Piazza Silvestri, features not one but … Continue reading

Montefalco, Umbria

  Montefalco, Umbria – they call it the region’s “terraza” balcony. Its on dozens of top 10 lists as one of Italy’s most romantic spots. While I did find the Medieval hamlet to be charming, it didn’t quite evoke those butterflies I tend to get over a truly special place. That said, Montefalco and its … Continue reading