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Mad Men, new york style

Mad Men 6×04: To Have and to Hold

Firstly, Stan flipping the bird saved this episode of Mad Men.

a_560x375Having said this, as sick to death as I am of Don’s six season storyline of relentless cheating, I found his reaction to Megan’s on-screen soap kiss to be just slightly redeeming to his run-of-the-mill behavour. His jealous outburst was insanely hypocritical (unbeknownst to his poor head-in-the clouds-starlet wife) and completely out of character for the cool, composed and removed Mr. Draper.
I’m also letting Don’s wandering ways slide seeing as I’m such a huge fan of Linda Cardellini. Being a fellow tiny, dramatic, Italian-North American gal myself, I’ve decided that if Don is going to have a mistress on the side, then it might as well be someone less leggy, thin and blue-eyed than Megan – holla to the dark features!

Other moments I loved in this episode…

Bitch you can’t fire my secretary ’cause I earn my way in the light of day! madmen604

A four-way with Jefferson from Married With Children? Are you kidding me???Jessica-Pare-and-Jon-Hamm-in-Mad-Men-To-Have-and-To-Hold

Realizing that Joan’s Mary Kay pal is the real-life version of the wife in American Dad…




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