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Luisa e Franchino


Hair salons in Italy can prove a conundrum for foreigners considering that communication is such a fundamental part of the hair revamp process. Explaining what you want your cut/colour to be like, keeping up conversation and trusting your hair in the hands of a complete, untested, non-recommended stranger. In Rome and Milan, I didn’t have much luck in the way of getting the look I wanted. i blame this on a series of factors which include: my lack of hairstyle terminology in the Italian language + shyness + fear of overspending + judging a salon simply based on what it looks like.

20130421-153651.jpgThe latter criteria actually proved to be in my favour for a change in Turin. I first became familiar with Luisa e Franchino when I was staying in a temp residence in the historical city centre known as the quadrilatero Romano. It’s trendy floor to ceiling windows draw the eye with trendy design elements, plants and graphic posters and they had a sweet website to match the physical appeal.
So with spring approaching and the urge to add some honey hues, I booked in at their location near Piazza Vittorio Veneto. The space is chic and well appointed with just the right amount of vintage-tinged furniture, lavender-painted walls and neat light fixtures. One of the owners Franchino was also there and I was pleasantly surprised with how he interacted with his staff and customers, talking about himself and checking in to see if we were happy with how our treatment had turned out during the blow dry. Usually salon owners are either silent or absent, so this was a nice change. He told a great little anecdote about how amazing his sisters looked with their blonde hair curled to go to Church and how everyone would stare at them because they looked as though they were a king’s daughters. What can I say? I’m a sucker for narratives.

The  salon uses Aveda – which I generally like considering it’s natural compared to the other stuff out there. After some back and forth about the colour, the stylist got what I wanted bang on. You be the judge by the photos of my lower highlights (a service called shatush in Italy) compared with the photo of the style I asked for sported by Leighton Meester (Blair from Gossip girl).


Oh yeah, their stylists also take English classes so they can converse with foreign clientele.

Luisa e Franchino
Via Bonafous 5/
Via IV Marzo 14/A – Turin



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