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Bauma 2013: a day in Munich

I’ve had my first exec-style business trip – a whirlwind, one-day roundtrip from Turin to Munich.
Purpose: Bauma 2013, considered to be the largest trade fair for the construction and mining industry.

Bauma 011

Suffice it to say, I was a minority at the Bavarian-set expo – female, dark features, heels… I piled onto the shuttle with about 60 men in suits for a quaint drive through the countryside to the Messe. It was easy to spot the fair from afar granted the plethora of colourful truck ladders popping out high up into the sky.

Bauma 008

When the communications side of the job was taken care of I got a chance to roam around and check out Caterpillar’s massive stand that took up an entire hall (and outdoor area) and apparently footed a bill for 10 million euro – this stand had so much on it, there were even audio guides. Getting the chance to check out the world of commercial vehicles has given me a new perspective on the sector – these machines are pretty incredible, and attractive when they’re all shiny and new on the exhibition floor.

Bauma 013

Heck there was even a typical Bavarian food stand outside to grab a sausage and Pils and enjoy the sunshine for a little while




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