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Antica Bottega del Vino, Verona, Italy

The Antica Bottega del Vino was one of my latest great gastronomy stumbleupons during a recent stint in Verona. Only after eating here did I do some backtrack research and discover that this is one of Italy’s most legendary eateries.The setting is pure old-world charm with dark wooden tables set with the finest thin crystal wine glasses, China and antique-looking silver cutlery. The painted walls are of another era with Medieval-like light fixtures hanging from the wood-beamed ceilings.


I had one of the best meat dishes of my life here in the form of chateaubriand served with a smooth Amarone wine sauce. A few of the people in party ordered this so a tasty roll of medium rare meat came rolling out on a trolley for our table. Each of our portions was sliced for us before our eyes (I’m really into the whole dining showmanship). Ahh the Amarone sauce, I can only descibe this fine Italian wine reduction as being the uttermost fantastic thing that has ever passed over my palate. Pretty well the gourmet answer to finger lickin’ good – once you’ve had this sauce you will never want to touch that HP stuff again, literally for as long as you live.


This historic establishment has roots leading back to late 1800s, overseen by the twelve families producing Amarone – if I properly understood the background story on their website. As the name implies, this venue has a wine cellar that big-shot execs would kill for – definitely worth asking to venture downstairs to take a pick. While I heartily recommend La Bottega, it is not for the faint of funds, but most definitely worth it if you are in good company. My philosophy is that if I invest in a place with such a superior level of quality, then better have someone who I enjoy being around to enjoy every second with me. Oh philosophy part 2: have dessert! I ordered a ricotta cream and mango one that of course did not disappoint!

Since I wasn’t recording the meal, I found the next best thing on YouTube, taped by NYC resto entrepreneur Frank Prisinzano. His episode gives you a good idea of what a dining experience will be like at Bottega…

Antica Bottega del Vino
Via Scudo di Francia, 3
37121 Verona
Tel. +39 045 800 4535



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