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Made in Shitaly


My Fratelli Rossetti ‘Rebecca’ kicks (pictured above and below) are a point of pride, bought at a press sample sale in Milan last year for a fraction of the price… But as you can see by the photos, I seem to have a wee bit of a problem. Forget about quality control and the fact that some model probably gave these shoes a good stomping before they ended up in my closet, I think the real source of the issue has to do with the compliments. I received earlier about said shoes. I’m not sure if anyone else out there in the universe can sympathize with me on this, but whenever I get a series of compliments on something I’m wearing: a scarf, bracelet, handbag, pair of shoes, etc. – later on in that same day something happens to these things – lost, broken, damaged, stained… As things went today.

1 004

So tonight as I was running to catch my tram, I slipped and hit my leg on platform step – ouch, it hurt like a muthaf%#@!&. “Alright Aless,let’s shake it off and walk onto the bloody ancient form of transportation that is the Italian streetcar,” I mentally encourage myself…but then I realize that I’m walking funny, like Lady Gaga funny. I look down at my feet and lo and behold, both my heels are missing, cut clean off the soles of my shoes – a complete mystery as to why I bang my leg and my heels fall off… the only way to explain it is the compliment curse, so please dear friends, colleagues, passerbys, don’t tell me you like my shit… Time to find a calzolaio.



One thought on “Made in Shitaly

  1. That’s awful! They were beautiful shoes. Luckily you were able to retrieve the heels and hopefully you didn’t miss your tram. I think you have “stumbled” (no pun intended) onto something here. You are right. I believe it has to do with the same concept as looking forward to a special event or gathering or date and when you finally arrive at the occasion, something goes wrong or you are just plain disappointed. It’s almost as if you really can’t have your cake and eat it too!! I will refrain from regaling you with compliments on your s#*% as suggested dahling.

    Posted by Joanne | January 23, 2013, 4:20 am

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