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this thunder thigh’s a sight for sore eyes

Facebook can be a vicious, conflict-causing, procrastination tool, but at times it also serves towards a greater good: that of the ego boost. Now I must clarify that I have never been a poster child for superficial teasing (having held a former fat kid tenure myself – class of ’96-’99), nor do I like to beat anything when it’s down…That being said, when I discovered that the girl who single-handedly made me feel like an inferior being day in and day out on the playground grew up to be a porker…well then I had absolutely no shame whatsoever in taking unadultered pleasure in the fact.

So yes, I am guilty of album creeping for a cheap laugh. And lo and behold, one of my preferred finds is of these gams that once belonged to a pretty, sprightly and flexible third grader who did cartwheels and backflips around my pathetically attempted somersaults, was the object of affection for all my puppy crushes and was cast in the best parts for the elementary school plays, while I got stuck as Shepherd #3 with a hockey stick for a staff and a towel fastened to my head. While I still secretly loathe FB for wasting my life, I also owe it these sporadic confidence-building sessions.

* A lesson to all nine-year-old girls that karma can be a bitch



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