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The Clueless Curse

Clueless was an instant cult classic, a modern day adaptation of Emma with way better clothes and one-liners. It was the film that defined the nineties, launching a dozen catchphrases “ugggh AS IF!” and hit songs “I’m Just a Girl”. In my mind Clueless could do no wrong and if I were stuck in a … Continue reading

Why ‘Tender is the Night’ is an essential expat read

F. Scott Fiitgerald and his wife Zelda While everyone these days seems to be scanning over the last 300 tweets of the hour to find some meaning to it all, I found a kindred sort of disposition in Tender is the Night, the last novel F. Scott Fitzgerald saw published before his death at 44. … Continue reading

Weekend in Naples: Da Michele Pizzeria

Whenever I get down to Napoli it’s usually de rigueur that we get a pizza at one of the ‘holy trinity’ pizzerias. This trifecta of mozzarella bliss consists of Sorbillo (a 2-floor joint in the historic centre with pizza elevators), Pellone (a rustic environment with not so warm and fuzzy waiters, but notable Bufala mozzarella) … Continue reading

this thunder thigh’s a sight for sore eyes

Facebook can be a vicious, conflict-causing, procrastination tool, but at times it also serves towards a greater good: that of the ego boost. Now I must clarify that I have never been a poster child for superficial teasing (having held a former fat kid tenure myself – class of ’96-’99), nor do I like to … Continue reading

flings & fleeting moments: don’t be a repeat offender

LOOKING BACK…It is impossible to forget that first sensation of a new romantic lead’s fingertips against my skin, when a graze of the palm was enough to send chills straight from my hair follicles to my kneecaps – which evidently buckled under the intensity of it all. The rush I got upon witnessing the spontaneity … Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire 3×7: Sunday Best

Finally Boardwalk is picking up the momentum it was so desperately lacking at the beginning of the third season. Nucky with his juggling and newfound (but latecoming) admiration for Margaret, Richard Harrow finally getting a romantic storyline of his own, Gillian the seductive killer finds a way to pass off a body for Jimmy’s and … Continue reading