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{The Mindy Project: first impressions}

Up until recently – as in the Sept 25th airing of the pilot episode of  The Mindy Project –  I was not a fan of Mindy Kaling. I remember thinking who is this undeserving chick that adorable Paul Rudd is obsessing over in The 40 Year Old Virgin? And later I just wanted to smack her character on The Office  for pining away over a hopeless case of he’s just not that into you…But then her pet project hit NBC and I finally got to see what this actress/writer was made of. The first episode was everything a hopeless rom-com loving, tacky gadget-buying girl like me was looking for in a half hour FOX show.

Kaling pens what we girly girls are thinking perfectly,  putting our hopes and nightmares into hilariously  awkward little situations played out alongside a likeable cast that has so far included  several SNL guest stars  – Downton Abbey obsessed ex-boyfriend  Bill Hader, holla! While I’m not sold on the whole OB/Gyn profession she’s chosen for her character (inspired by her mom’s real career), I am sold on the in-office chocolate fountain, the unpractically shiny first date ensembles and the confession of going to the bookstore “not to buy books, but to look at them and then go home and order them online at 50% off with no tax and free shipping.” Mindy, you got yourself a fan, sorry it took me so long.



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