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love for celebs

{Dream Dress}

Anne Hathaway is a princess, well at least to me she is. My first proper introduction to the new Mrs. Schulman was after all when she played Mia Grimaldi in The Princess Diaries.
It therefore made me ultra giddy to see her marry in a custom made gown by the legendary Mr. Valentino Garavani who came out of retirement just for her (and the New York City Ballet, but that’s not the point here). Valentino has been quoted as saying she’s like a daughter to him and Julie Andrews called her a cross between Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn, can a girl get any more lucky? I thought Gwen Stefani’s pink-tinged John Galliano dress was going to top my list for all eternity, but Anne’s dreamy train of hand painted rose pink tulle makes Gwen’s look like an after school tie-dye project by comparison. Some people are knocking her Twenties-style headpiece, but it suited me just fine, being the vintage-loving, Boardwalk Empire watching, Great Gatsby yearning old soul that I am. This one’s for the scrapbook Pinterest board!



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